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The Titakis family has been operating in the heart of the OPAP (Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality) wine region of Peza for three generations. Dedicated to satisfying the demands of the modern consumer for exclusive and simultaneously affordable wines, our aim is to contribute to their everyday enjoyment.

In one of the largest private wineries in Crete, we produce wines from varieties cultivated in our private vineyard, as well as those acquired through our cooperation with more than a hundred producers in Heraklion. We highlight the richness and potential of the Cretan vineyards, offering quality wines in a wide range of packaging.

We hope that through this website we will be able to share the passion and excitement that we feel for Cretan wine, as well as to communicate the most important information about our products

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The rich and exciting world of wine

The world of wine is a wonderful one, with countless facets and dimensions – a world full of such wealth and excitement, one is easily convinced that wine is much more than just a simple accompaniment to a meal.

Just as the wealth and the gifts of wine are many, its course resembles a long journey that starts from the vineyard only to reach, at its end, the table and the glass on it.

If we want to be able to enjoy the wine in all the dimensions of its wealth and its charm, it is worthwhile to get to know all the stages of this great trip

It all starts at the vineyard. Grapes must be planted in poor soil whose composition matches the characteristics of each grape variety. Furthermore, the right altitude must be chosen.

Yield per hectare of the vineyard must be very low, so that the must produced during the harvest has concentrated characteristics and the ability to produce good and tasty wine.

For the same reason, grapes should be kept fresh and healthy so that the alcoholic fermentation – which, depending on the type of wine, takes place at the appropriate (controlled) temperature – results in high quality and enjoyable wine.

Our Winery

Our winery is located in Heraklion, in the area of Crete with the most vineyards, and specifically in Kounavoi, in the heart of the OPAP (Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality) wine region of Peza.

Our modern and constantly evolving facilities occupy an area of approximately 4,000 m2 and are equipped with tanks with a capacity of 55,000 hl. There, the grapes are received and processed and our products are bottled.

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Our Vineyards

Our Vineyard is located in the Messara region. Today, it spans approximately 100 acres. On its various plots we cultivate the white varieties Vilana, Vidiano, Spinas Muscat, Chardonnay and Malvazia Aromatica as well as the red varieties Merlot, Syrah and Kotsifali.

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