Fabrika Experience

FABRIKA was established in order to introduce you to an alternative approach to the Cretan Wine World.

The urban intrustrial winery, the corridors of the “conCrete Village” with the imposing tanks and the outdoor exhibition of the old winemaking machines trace our route from early 50s till nowadays.

Walk around the VINE GARDEN area planted with the 11 Cretan Grape Varieties

Discover the undergound ConCrete village(8m) and explore the imposing tanks and their murals

Trace the winemaking process through old equipment exhibits that dates back to 1950

Enjoy a unique wine-tasting at FABRIKA WINE EXPERIENCE in our alternative urban winery setting

Wine Tastings

Tasting 3 different wines

  • Delogo (white)
  • Merlot-Syrah (red)
  • Vinosophies (demi-sweet)

Starting your tour with a stroll in our Vineyard Garden, in which we cultivate all the famous Cretan grape varieties. While you feel the breeze and the sun walking around the vines, we introduce to the wine tasting experience. Leading you in our fresco or our indoor place, our wine experts will offer you a fully professional wine tasting experience.

Cost: 6.00 €/person, children for free

Duration: about 40’

Tasting 4 different wines

  • Vidiano (white)
  • Vidiano- Moscato (white)
  • Asteroza (roze)
  • Merlot-Syrah (red)

In this special winetasting we introduce you white wine labels that contain the rare Cretan variety Vidiano and the red Merlot- Syrah . The vineyards where these wines come from are surrounded by Asterousia Mountains. Professional wine glasses, correct wine temperature and our experts being there presenting our wines and discussing with you.

Cost: 8.00 €/person, children for free

Duration: about 40-50’

Tasting 6 different wines

  • Delogo (white)
  • Vidiano (white)
  • Moscato (white)
  • Impetus (white)
  • Merlot-Syrah (red)
  • Impetus (red)

For all our wine enthousiast guests we have chosen these six wines that cover, all styles, tastes and aromas. The row of the serving is carefully chosen to create for you a unique experience.

Cost: 12.00€/person, children for free

Duration: about 50’

Taste the delicacies of Crete in a tasting of 4 different wines.

  • Delogo (white)
  • Moscato Spinas or Vidiano (white)
  • AsteroZa (rosé)
  • Impetus (red)

A tour into the very heart of our winery. We will guide you along our underground corridors with the conCrete tanks. Our experts will be on your side, giving you all the details on the wine making process. Feel free to take your selfies next to a 4-meter height wine tank! Choose between our fresco or our indoor wine tasting space. Finally, enjoy your special moment with the Wine & Food tasting experience.

Cost: 14.00 €/person, 11.00 €/child

Duration: about 60’

A 1-day prior notice is required

*Vegetarian menu available.

The traditional cuisine of Crete meets the wines of our winery in a unique wine tasting experience of 5 different wines.

  • Moscato Spinas
  • Impetus (white)
  • AsteroZa (rosé)
  • Impetus (red)
  • Vinosophies (demi-sweet)

Take part in a guided tour in our ConCrete Village and take a selfie beside our tanks. Feel the atmosphere of the area and then proceed to the degustation area. Finally, enjoy your full lunch, consisting of 5 wines that perfectly match 5 different dishes. An ultimate Wine & Food pairing experience with all Cretan traditional cuisine and wines

Cost: 36.00 €/person, 23.00€/child

Duration: about 90’

2 days notice required

*Vegeterian menu available.

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