Our history

With a history and tradition in wine production dating back to the late 1950s, the Titakis family of wine makers, now in its third generation, remains faithful and dedicated to the magical process of wine production. The specialized know-how accumulated over the years, the combination of native and selected international varieties and the inspired effort to create quality wine bring Titakis Winery to its new era which coincides with what can be called a Renaissance of Cretan wines.



Titos Titakis, the Senior, establishes the original winery in the family’s birth village of Kalloni and manages to ship his wine to places as far away as Spinalonga. That small winery marks the beginning of an inspirational heritage.


His son, Nikos Titakis, takes over and creates new wine paths that take Cretan wine to many places throughout Greece.


The first retail store is inaugurated, in Heraklion (54 Chrysostomou Street), which until today is a well known spot for the wine-loving public.


The first privately-owned vineyards are planted in the estate “Marathoriako” in the village of Pretoria. Τhe grape varieties are Vilana , Merlot and Syrah.


Wine production is relocated to the present-day facilities in the village of Kounavoi.


The international variety Chardonnay is planted on the “Petousis” estate in the village of Pretoria


Maria Titaki, with extended studies in Oenology, undertakes the organization and management of the winemaking process throughout all its stages.

At the same time, Titos, a vigilant observer of all the processes and requirements of the wine world, takes over the management and administration of the Company. This creates the right conditions for the effort and devotion of previous generations to flourish. The two siblings together contribute to the change of page for the Winery.


The first “Merlot” and “Chardonnay” labels are bottled. The grapes come exclusively from the company’s privately owned vineyards.


The Winery actively participates in the extroversion and in the promotion of the Cretan vineyard as a member of the Wine Network of the Prefecture of Heraklion (DONI) and the Wines of Crete network. Furthermore, from now on you will meet representatives of Titakis Winery at various wine exhibitions throughout Greece and Crete, such as Oinotika, as well as other international wine contests and exhibitions.


“IMPETUS” red is bottled for the first time. The first premium label of the winery from its privately owned vineyard.


A new privately owned vineyard “Amygdalia” (4 hectares) is planted in the area of Gagales, where special emphasis is given to the indigenous white varieties Vidiano, Moschato Spinas and Malvazia aromatica.


Planting (0.66 ha) of Assyrtiko in the estate “Pano Kavousa”. The first vineyard of the winery, where organic farming is applied.

A  2nd  retail shop is inaugurated in Heraklion.


Impetus White, Vidiano-Moscato and Moscato Spinas stand ouf for the first time in international wine competitions (DECANTER – International Wine & Spirit Competition – International Wine Challenge – Thessaloniki International Wine & Spirit Competition)


The Fabrika Wine Experience is opened. It consists of two separate areas, indoor and outdoor, dedicated to wine tasting and an in-depth presentation of the winemaking process. In a unique urban winery approach, we welcome wine lovers who visit us from all over the world.


Planting (2 ha) in the estate “Kala Kefalia” with international red varieties. One more Bio vineyard.


We continue with faith, devotion and passion in the valuable legacy of our winery. We are here to introduce you to the magical world of wine. A world full of colors, aromas and flavors ready to welcome you.