In the late 1950s, Titus Titakis, born in 1909, founded the first winery in the family’s native village of Kalloni, located south of Peza towards Houdetsi. This winery produced the first small quantities of bulk wine. In 1987, his eldest son Nicholas, accompanied by his wife Angela, opened a wine shop in the center of Heraklion, where the traditional bulk Cretan wine was made available to local taverns and consumers.

In 1996, wine production was transferred to the new facilities in Kounavoi which are equipped with tanks with a capacity of 5,ooo tons. Since then, following in the footsteps of Nicholas Titakis, the new generation continues the family tradition with new perspectives. Mary Titakis is an oenologist and carries the corresponding responsibilities, while Titos Titakis deals with the commercial part of the business.

In 1999, the unit acquires bottling facilities for wine pouches of 5, 10, 20 and 28 litres. Today, the company offers this type of packaging for 7 different types of wine (White, Rosé, Red, Retsina, White Semi-Sweet and Red Semi-Sweet), which are distinguished by their excellent quality and fashionable appearance.

In 2005, the company starts bottling labels from native Cretan varieties, which are grown in the family vineyard.

In 2006, following international developments, Titakis Winery invests in a promising new type of packaging for fresh wines, the PET bottle. Titakis wines are now available in PET bottles of  0.5lt, 0.75lt and 1.5lt.

Since 2008, Titakis Winery has been participating in the Heraklion Winemakers Network (DONI) and the Wines of Crete Network which are aimed at developing cooperation between Cretan wine producers and to promote the joint presentation of Cretan wines.

Since 2010, aware of the need for a renewal of the Cretan vineyard, the company has been planting 40 acres of native Cretan varieties such as Vidiano, Muscat Spinas and Malvazia di Candia Aromatica. And the story continues …