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IMPETUS Experience Box by Titakis Wines

Wine & Food Pairing

Wine & Food Pairing

Wine & Food Pairing

Wine Cocktail Box by Titakis Wines

Titakis Wines invite you to travel to the world of Wine Cocktails through a new taste experience with rich flavors and intoxicating aromas.

 Protagonists in this journey are the premium labels of Titakis Wines and the art and imagination of the experienced bartender Stavros Vassiliadis.

Through their recipes with just the right ingredients and a few simple steps … our refreshing Wine Cocktails will delightfully tickle your palate.

The proccess of creating each one of our cocktails was an enjoyable experience which led to the selection of the most luscious flavors.

Pink Touch

Wild Forest

Which one will you try first?

Wine Cocktail Box