Wine Sellections by Titakis Wines

Three of the most important varieties of the Cretan vineyard, Vidiano, Moschato Spina and Malvazia Aromatica, as well as the international red Merlot-Syrah are now available in the new innovative 3lt Pouch Tap packaging. Feel free to enjoy this premium and value for money version.

“Wine Sellections” 3lt Pouch Tap by Titakis Wines is available:


  • Vidiano-Moschato
  • Semi-dry Moschato
  • Vinosophies (Malvazia aromatica)


  • Merlot-Syrah

Packaging Design: Foodwill

Pouch tap Packaging

The Pouch tap is a stand up pouch packaging with a tap that is successfully used in the wine industry abroad (America, Europe, South Africa) offering the consumer some of the most practical and impressive packaging of recent years.

The structure of the pouch tap consists of multilayer laminated film of 3-4 layers. Due to this material, the pouch tap offers better maintenance than any other packaging after opening and ensures the best possible quality and protection of the product. Thanks to the specially designed tap on its base, it does not allow the inflow of oxygen. In addition, the materials used are suitable for food as all correspondin limits are met.

According to recent research, this represents one of the most environmentally friendly types of packaging. Paper is not used in any phase of its production  and it creates a 80% lower consumption of carbon dioxide compared to the glass bottle. It has also been observed that it produces 90% less waste compared to the glass bottle, again resulting in less volume in the landfill.

This type of packaging is very practical for the consumer. It is easily transported everywhere as it takes up less space and is lighter compared to the glass bottle and the “bag in box”, and it provides the product with high durability, antioxidant protection and easy cooling.

The pouch tap gives the wine-loving public the opportunity to enjoy excellent wines in the most economical and environmentally friendly way. The content is equivalent to the quality of bottled wine and is essentially premium wines at a very good value for money.